Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cardio results 2/22/2010 visit

Well folks, I thought the tests I had last November showed I had nothing wrong. What they did end up showing is I have a condition called "Coronary Artery Spasms". There is no cure but is treatment. Since m,y chest pains have calmed down I have to take nitro when it happens. If they start becoming a daily problem then I'll be put on another medication. The heart itself is fine, it's just the artery & muscle to it. He also "officially" diagnosed the high blood pressure and started me on medication for that and my cholesterol medication has brought my levels back to normal which is great. Why this is all happening at once we still don't know. The good news is the heart condition could be much worse and it will be a pleasure seeing my new primary be put back in his place:) Also the glass's are helping so I will be getting bifocals so I can drive again as soon as I can afford it. The biopsy on my thyroid mass is set for the end of March. Enough about the medical stuff:) Business is going real good and my own line of mineral eyeshadow is really picking up along with the sales of my main product. I love and respect the other brand I sell so hopefully I'll always be able to offer that to my buyers. Recently 2 gals made videos on youtube about my line, I cant tell you how good it felt. They did a great job, heck it could have been a commercial it was so good. Knowing people are that happy with my stuff makes all my hard work worth it. I'm blessed that I love what I do so many people don't. I don't make a lot doing it basically enough to cover my cost and supplies. It's more like a full time hobby which enables me to take part in the work world. How am I mentally????Besides having low energy I'm doing pretty good, much better then last time I wrote. I've been trying to make more time to see friends and it's been good for me. I want more of a life then UCSF and my business, yes I love my business my there is more to life:) My resolution is to start spending times with my friends and once UCSF is done get out there and meet new people and maybe try dating:) First time in 4-5 years, lol, yes it's been that long...not even a kiss! That's a good subject, relationships...how to have one with chronic pain & illness's. It's very hard which is why I've been single so long. I've never had anyone end it because of my health, if anything it's harder on m,e then them. No one has minded my health problems or limitations but I do cause I know I cant give them what they deserve. There is only so much of myself I can give, only so much energy left each day and only so many activities I can do without having to "pay for it" the next day. I've stayed single for I do feel I have enough to give, I have plenty of love but we all know love isn't always enough. Plus after being single so long I cant picture myself being in a 24/7 relationship but I could be wrong, people do change, even me:) When the times comes when I am ready to date I will most likely try and date people who live like I do, who understands and we can help each other. The saying about living in another shoes is very true, we don't know what others go through unless we have been there ourselves.

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